How to be Profiled

Darlene and Paul Horn When I started helping my boyfriend— now husband— Paul Horn of Cool Jerk, exhibit at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2003, I wasn’t aware there was a network of significant others who support creators and artists. When we began exhibiting at other conventions outside of San Diego, I started seeing the same people who weren’t the artist or creator, but the support group. They were the ones helping set up, getting lunch, watching the kids and/or relieving the creator when a much-needed break was needed. I realized that it’s a much larger group that encompasses and affects our lives especially if it’s our livelihood. And we all share the common goal: to lend our support.

While it may seem fun to hang out at comic conventions all day, it’s a hard life: traveling to distant locations, waking up early, getting to the convention before the doors open to the public, engaging people as a representative, playing cashier and gopher, manning the table solo on occasion, foregoing decent lunches (usually), etc. (Cosplay is optional.)

The most common question asked of us is “are you the artist/creator?” So what came out of a frequently asked question is this website.

So I need your help— do you have a suggestion for a future profile? Let me know.

Email me at DarleneEats(at)


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