Tabloia, Monstrosis, Doris Danger, Dr. Debunko: It’s All in the Family

Stan Lee Wisnia family apparently includes comic legend, Stan Lee.

Elizabeth Wisnia has been married for nearly 10 years to her artist husband, Chris Wisnia. In the years they’ve been together, they’ve spent almost eight years exhibiting at comic conventions (including San Diego and WonderCon) promoting Tabloia, Monstrosis, Doris Danger, Dr. Debunko and a slew of other projects that keeps them busy. If that wasn’t enough, their plate is overflowing taking care of two young boys. For Elizabeth, surviving the comic circuit is all about balance and support.

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Geeks in Love: Real Life Portrayed in Comics

Sarah&Beau_SacAnimeSummer_2010 Sarah (the artist and creator) and Beau Straub (her husband) of
Geeks in Love at 2010’s SacAnime Convention.

Sarah and Beau Straub of Geeks in Love are comic couple based out of Northern California. This webcomic, as drawn by Sarah, revolves around actual conversations and incidents that happen to this married couple of six years. In the year-and-a-half they’ve been exhibiting, Beau has often been confused as the artist— another subject that has been a topic of a recent strip.

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Stupid And Insane Defenders Against Chaos and My Annoying Life: Never Not Busy

oniandharkinterventionJames Harknell with his wife Oni Hartstein, creator of Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos and My Annoying Life, in front of signage for their Maryland convention,  Intervention. 

Onezumi Hartstein and her husband of 13 years, James Harknell, both founded Intervention
Maryland’s convention for webcomics, indie creators and all geek culture. But Onezumi keeps her hands full penning and drawing Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos and My Annoying Life, both found at How does this busy couple keep it cool between running two webcomics and a successful convention? It’s all about teamwork. In the seven years they’ve been exhibiting at conventions, James has never missed a show.

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Think Weasel!: Combining Comics & Crafts

Heroes 11Angela (the wife and non-artist) and Nick Mizgala (the creator) of Think Weasel!

The team behind Think Weasel! consists of Nick and Angela Pratt Mizgala of Decatur, Georgia. This married couple of seven years has been exhibiting at various conventions for the last two years. Aside from promoting Nick’s webcomic, Think Weasel!, Angela shares the table promoting her own crafts which include earrings and bracelets.

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nemu*nemu: Kawaii from Hawaii

Nemu Nemu Fanime2011Scott (not the artist) and Audra (the artist and creator) surrounded by their creations at this year’s Fanime.

Audra and Scott of nemu*nemu, an all ages web comic updated three times a week, hail from the lovely state of Hawaii. Their manga-style characters are created and drawn by Audra and while her husband of four years, Scott, maintains the website and provides backup support whenever necessary. It’s quite a production for these two to pack up their exhibit and travel to the mainland to promote nemu*nemu — a challenge they’ve taken on for the last five years.

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Steam Crow: Two-Person Tag Team

Daniel and Dawna

Daniel (the artist and creator) and Dawna Davis (the aider/abetter/spouse-unit) of Steam Crow.

Daniel and Dawna Davis are a super-powered couple based out of Phoenix. In the 12 years they’ve been married, 6 years of it has been devoted to promoting Steam Crow (one of the many ventures they work on), either on the comic-convention circuit or local events around Arizona. While Daniel is the main artist for Steam Crow, Dawna is an artist herself and offers a lot of support, both artistically and in the backend of their monstrous operation.
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Little Vampires: The Man Behind The Woman

Little Vampires James and Rebecca HicksJames (not the artist) and Rebecca Hicks (the artist) of Little Vampires.

Rebecca Hicks is the artist behind Little Vampires, an all-ages indy webcomic based out of San Diego. Her husband of 17 years, James Hicks, is often seen right beside Rebecca promoting the comic for the last four years in conventions around the U.S. In an industry that is heavily populated with male creators, James is often mistaken as the artist.

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